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 Okay, before my computer crashes yet again, let's see if I can't finish my Yuletide letter. Sorry it's so late! And short D: . I will make this fancier and more eloquent once I've posted it, promise!

First: If you like the fandoms I like, you have excellent taste already. A++! Optional details are optional, especially because this letter is so late, and if you don't need any prompting, feel free to write whatever!

General likes and dislikes: I really like AUs and worldbuilding and character development, but I'd prefer not to read explicit torture, noncon, scat, vore or watersports... mostly because I'm a wimp, haha.

Archer )Cucumber Quest )
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant )Anyway, that's about it! Thanks for being here, and have a great Yuletide!

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Parallels is out! I wrote on the streets where once was pity, a Tiger & Bunny fic about Keith Goodman. It was pretty interesting, since Keith's a pretty minor character, and I made the dubious decision to try writing in his voice.

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  Just started playing Dragon Age: Origins. My commoner warrior dwarf, Serranorn Brosca, is currently on that one quest with the werewolves, and, wow, I really hope she gets paid for this.
   My party currently consists of Morrigan, Sten, and Leilana, with Alistair staying behind at camp because, next to Sten, he's kind of useless. Even when he was in the party, he was always the first one to run out of health. Eventually, I just... stopped giving him health potions and let him die. Sorry, Alistair. 
   He and Morrigan remind me of Dave and Rose from Homestuck, especially every time she shuts him down. Leilana just joined my party, and I thought her skillset going to be a standard healer/cleric. BOY, WAS I WRONG. My brother (he's ten) was really smug about that. Sten has also just joined my party, but I've already been spoiled for much of his character due to that one phase in eighth grade I had for reading video game plot summaries.
  Anyway. I love this game already. It's probably going to eat into my free time all summer...
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  For AP English essay tomorrow, and there are fanmixes. Some days, tumblr is good to me.
  Am entirely baffled by lack of squicky and emotionally excruciating and messed-up Quentin/Caddy. Fandom, whaaat? Actually, there is not much The Sound and The Fury fic, unless I'm completely mistaken. The majority pairing on AO3 (2/7 fics) is... Quentin/Shreve. I had to go back and reread just to remember who the hell Shreve was.
  Anyway. Have strange urge to write Quentin Jr. & the legacy of Caddy & growing up in basically hell & running away.

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Man, okay, Steven Moffat? I AM NOT IMPRESSED.
spoilers below )
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 Since college admissions letters are rolling in, the parentals have basically given up and allowed me to purchase Bastion from Humble Bundle for a dollar. This, of course, has done wonders for my productivity and made me a better person overall.

...yeah, I've just spent the past two days playing Bastion and reading Georgette Heyers. I've gotten to the part where you get sent on a MacGuffin quest that is basically the duplicate of the quest you were like, JUST on, OH MY GOD, but the game is so pretty and soundtrack is so beautiful  (when you're in Prosper's Bluff and then SINGING, my god, I got chills) that I am just about ready to excuse anything. I used the machete and repeater for the longest time, but then switched to the repeater and carbine once I figured out that my idea of strategy is "holding shift down to perma-aim and walking around reallllly slowly". Also, I can't tell whether I think the writing is genuinely witty or I'm just enamored with Rucks's voice.

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WOW is this exhaustively researched and really, really, really good historical 1789 femslash RPF. All of the quoted articles (except for the fictional Beau Monde Inquirer, but those epigraphs are really stupid anyway, so who cares) are from primary sources, which is super cool.

Life Mask by Emma Donoghue is about Anne Dahmer, sculptor and Foxite and Eliza Farren, actress trying to get into the upper class, as well as Lord Derby, the guy who invented the horse race and who has been courting Eliza for like, forever, Mary Berry, woman of letters, and progressive politics + the specter of revolution.

Emma Donoghue does class and politics really, really, well. Anne is... actually called out on her privilege & progressive pretensions (she thinks she's ~so progressive~ because she has a Black footman), and is contrasted nicely with Eliza, who started out performing in barns and worked her way up to Queen of Comedy on Drury Lane, buuut desperately wants to become a member of the aristocracy. The political subplots (one of the most interesting bits is the part where the French Revolution comes along, and this coalition of reformers and aristocrats starts to go, "wait, we don't ACTUALLY want to lose our privilege") are excellent: politics is very much the backbone of the novel.

The writing style is excellent, characters witty and emotional conflict gripping, and even though the book does sprawl a bit (672 pages, wow), it is so, so worth it. Read it, even if you end up skipping chunks. Even if it takes you two years. Read it, and write excellent angsty fanfiction, because wow, dang.

Uh, unless instances of social ostracism & homophobia & sexism squick you. In that case, you should probably read something else.

Spoilers and shipping (Eliza/Anne OTP) here. )
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  So, yesterday in my AP English class, we had a substitute teacher and had to go through the whole role call rigmarole for the first time since September.

  The interesting thing about this is that halfway through roll call, when we got to the Ms, just about, Sean C (he's chill, worked super high-up for a city council campaign, someday I will write a thing about SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL POLITICAL VOLUNTEERS and he will be in it) put his hand up and said:
  "Sorry, did you say--" (and here there was a little pause) "Seung Jwan?"

  "Yeah," said the teacher.

  "Oh, okay," said Sean C, "That's me. That's my name."

   And there was this huge laugh, because AP Lit is like, 70% Asian, and we've been there, you know? Maybe not us specifically, but every year at the start of school, the teacher reads out a long list of names, mispronounces the Asian ones, and half the kids with names like Haotian and Ji Hoon and Ge raise their hands sheepishly and inform the teacher that they go by Harold or John or Grace. My legal name's in English, and even my grandparents use it, but I'm still better off than the people in my Chinese class who had to go home and ask their parents to remind them what their Chinese names are when we did the unit on letters

  Maybe it's just me, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. If I approached this from a social justice angle, I could probably talk about how problematic the cultural erasure is, but, viscerally and emotionally, I feel this sort of vindication in the death throes of the myth of the perpetual immigrant. Your name is what you are, and what we are is American. Long Duk Dong is dead, and, by the way, he goes by Dave. Etc., etc. And I know intellectually that Yinglun and Seung Jwan are just as American as Aaron and Sean, and yet.

  I might change my mind as I get older, but I don't think that, if I ever have a kid, I'll make my sprog go through the whole I-go-by dance, but I'll still give the kid a Chinese name and use it when I am EXTRA MAD or need chores done, because that's just the way things go. My little brother's Aaron at school and Tan Yinglun at home, TAN YING LUUUUN when he's being annoying, and I think that works just fine.
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I've been writing a Dangan Ronpa fic that's mostly dialogue (or at least very dialogue-heavy), and that means it's sort of an exercise in speech patterns and character voice as well. Which is great, because I'm really into that kind of stuff, but also super incredibly hard.

I don't write a lot of Kirigiri types, so it's a bit of a stretch to get into her headspace, but she actually comes easier than Celes. Kirigiri's really precise, sort of not good at social interaction, and terse: not one to dilute her words with "sort of"s and "kind of"s and "I think"s. I don't think she'd use much slang, and her speaking style is semi-formal and removed.

Celes is much harder to write, because I tend to go for colloquial, slangy characters (Texas from Motorcity, Roxy from Homestuck) and sometimes I feel their voices blending into mine. I can get away with that with Roxy, who speaks with some of my slang and my speech patterns, but Celestia Ludenberg shouldn't sound like a girl straight out of SoCal Land.
So: This is what I'm going for when I'm writing Celes! Celes is sort of a haphazard thinker who makes a great deal of logical leaps.Where Kirigiri goes from x + 1 +1 = x +2, Celes goes from "public urination" to "BLACK PLAGUE". Her expressed thought process is more inferential and connotative than methodical: like, it makes sense in her head, but a huge chunk of the steps get left out. She baronesses sometimes (speaking like an anime baroness, all "you may" and "perhaps" and "thus") because she thinks it makes her sound cool, and like, has what my kindergarten teacher called "a great imagination". I think maybe her prose could go purple at times: she'd dip into metaphor and simile more than Kirigiri (who goes for detail). Maybe I'll do a thing where they describe the same guard, and Kirigiri notices the little details while Celes ruminates on his home life and constructs this whole little people-watchy story.

...Maybe I should stop writing about this fic and actually write it...
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Over the course of a super long time (& somewhat prompted by one of my friends asking me to edit his semi-social emails, and the bit in "Why You Never Truly Leave High School" that talks about how teenagers aren't good at gauging social relationships), I've realized that I really don't do longform well.

I'm not used to semi-formalized discourse, with proper paragraphs and everything. I'm not used to phrasing things in a way that doesn't rely on gifsets or capslock or lazy pop-culture jokes, and you know what? Tumblr isn't helping with that. Actually, the sort of high-octane reblogging I do on Tumblr isn't helping me at all! I love Tumblr, but I want to actually talk to people about things. Case in point: I met a girl at a Gay-Straight Alliance mixer and we follow each other, but all we do is reblog.

So! I'm going to try out Dreamwidth as a platform. Wish me luck!
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